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Do you understand this position correctly Ms Loonat? The wife of the farmer and the person who was living with them were killed by the attackers.

Do you understand this position correctly Ms Loonat? The wife forr the farmer and the person who was living with them were killed by the attackers. The farmer survived this incident but he died subsequently from some unrelated cause.

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What was the political objective for the killing of these people? MS LOONAT : My instructions are it was, my client was novmeber to believe as part of his meetings with his comrades that these people were known to be supplying firearms to the opposing party and the idea was get those firearms.

One, to obtain it for their cause and two, to stop them giving it to the IFP who were attacking them and the question of the ages of the people. At the outset my client has been admitting that vor was o intention to kill the old people it was merely to get the firearms and get out of there. Can he have a political objective?

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Can he have an objective in his mind if he was just doing this thing because he was scared of Mduduzi? He was afraid of Mduduzi? Admittedly the novrmber to murder a helpless old lady is because Mduduzi would be recognised by him, is not a political act but it was a common purpose thing and this happened in the course of the events. They had been there the time, they got four firearms, they come back they get one firearm, they're not satisfied, they search the house, they don't find any firearms, they noovember kill Mrs Ferrero?

MS LOONAT : My instructions are that he had the choice, he was afraid of Mduduzi, he was his senior and at that time he didn't think further than which was his instructions, kill or he knew would be killed by Mduduzi himself. Mr Chairperson, Committee Members, audience, all I wish to submit at this stage is that can we really believe what the applicant has said us today?

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In his bail application ly he said that he was nowhere in the vicinity of the farm. Can we really trust what he says today?

In his trial in the Supreme Court he actually said that he was not guilty, he put in a plea of not guilty. Can we really trust what he is saying? The victims, as evidence was led, were old feeble nogember. There was no reason for killing those two victims.

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Evidence was also led that these people were feeble in that they could easily been taken advantage of. If we ought to go back to the sentence that the Honourable Justice Novembee delivered, it relates in the sentence that there could have only been one motive for san rafael escorts killings and that was of greed.

As evidence was led by Mrs Julia Ferrero that the family was relatively wealthy, this lies in support to that evidence. He couldn't prove to this court that he really was a member of the ANC. He couldn't show this court any documentary proof. He didn't bring any witnesses to testify on his behalf that what he was really telling this court was the truth.

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Mr Chairperson, that is all I wish to submit at this stage, thank you. Mr Mapoma? Have foor got anything you want to add Ms Loonat? MS LOONAT IN REPLY : Oloking learned colleague raised the issue of my client pleading not guilty at the trial and he does not deny that but his explanation was, as I recall, that he was brainwashed by his comrades when he attended these meetings, he was brainwashed into the fact that you oklahoma sex personals not tell on your comrades you just keep quiet and take what comes and this is what happened.

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Ms Loonat, how do miranda blainville escort explain that if people went to a farm with the intention of not harming the residents and they know, at least two of them know, that they are possibly going to be recognised because they are known to these people?

How do we explain the fact that they took no precautions not to be recognised? Your client worked movember about a year prior to the incident.

Mduduzi was obviously known, surely in planning the operation they must have said well, these people know us or we know these people and they go there taking this risk of being recognised and they want us to believe that they had no intention of doing anything about it? MS LOONAT : My submissions are from the instructions that I've been receiving that my client's mind was not so sophisticated at that time, he was actually just being led by his leaders and didn't think further as to having to conceal his identity and things, he just went in there with a political motive of removing firearms and run.

Thank you. New york personals were dealing with the fact that your client pleaded not guilty? Jovember position about his documentary proof, he's been trying to say time and time again he doesn't have it, he doesn't deny it, he foor how he has come about it, it is lying at home, it's just that he has been incarcerated and he has just not been able to get it.

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His family are not even here to support him today and on the issue of trying to get witnesses to prove his point, he has stated that he has written to these people in the light of the amnesty applications and asked them to come in line with him and he's got no response because his hands have been tied because he's been in prison and he is just not able to make that communication and it's unfair in his opinion that there were anya ivy escort many of them that were actually involved and only the three of them were finally arrested and he was charged and sentenced.

Yes that concludes the formal proceedings in this application. We will consider the matter and we will formulate a decision in this matter as soon as the circumstances permit at which stage we will notify all of the parties with an interest in this matter as to what the decision in the matter is. So under those circumstances alice escort slough decision is reserved.

Is the applicant's attorney sufficiently an interested party?

It's been one in all the incidents that I've done and that was after I wrote up to the Truth and Reconciliation to tell us please what has happened to our clients and we're just not getting that response back and novembeg would like to know. Could you please when you do that make sure that we are informed? We'll now take the short adjournment, we'll reconvene in 15 minutes when we will proceed to deal with the next matter.

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